Platform for signatures of documents and objects, W3C-DID and W3C-VC

Open source, modular, easy to extend

User-friendly web-based service, leveraging Zenroom’s cryptographic capabilities, allowing users sign documents and objects, using W3C-DID identities.


  • Signatures:
    • Sign and verify messages and documents (pdf, doc, excel files, pictures etc) using quantum proof signature, ECDSA, EDDSA and Schnorr signatures
    • Sign and verify documents using XADES, PADES, CADES, JADES for the signatures supported by the standards
    • Produce and verify zero-knowledge proof credentials, for “privacy by de-sign” disposable identities
  • Cryptography:
    • Produce and verify W3C-VC credentials, using the standard ECDSA signa-ture, as well quantum-proof signature using the ietf draft implementation
    • Produce and verify multi-signature, using “privacy by design” principles, based on the “Reflow” crypto multi-signature paper

Advanced features

  • DID and identity wallet: users receive a DID containing all their public keys, based on
  • DID documents can be stored which can be stored on file -system, database, git, IPFS and blockchain.
  • Web based and mobile friendly
  • APIs: the signature, credential and verification flows will be made available to third party integration via documented REST APIs.
  • Advanced cryptographic protocols can be implemented using Zenroom and Zenroom’s IDE Apiroom
  • Can be connected to a Zenswarm Oracle to perform various crytpographic operations such as verifications of signatures and VC


Signroom is generated using the Starters templating framework, which allows to extend and customize the platform using a no-code/low-code web GUI (Starters’ Admin Panel).

The platform is written in Go and Svelte, and integrates the Zenroom virtual machine for the cryptography and the SSI/Identity operations.

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