Blockchain interoperability layer, oracle based

Using Zenroom and its ecosystem, Zenbridge offers an abstraction layer, that lets your app talk to multiple blockchains and databases within the same smart contract, where each smart contract can be exposed to an API call. Zenbridge reduces development complexity, effectively making each blockchain a plugin.

Many blockchains, one smart contract

Within a single Zencode base smart contract, Zenbridge can do transactions on Ethereum, Bitcoin, Fabric (and more) and read/write on SQL, Redis, Influx, expose smart contracts to APIs, do REST calls, all in a human readable language.


  • Interact with one or more chains at once, create an L2-chain to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Fabric (and more)
  • Read/Write to SQL, Redis, Influx, or REST APIs
  • Prototype APIs using Zencode and deploy in a breeze
  • CRUD on DIDs, create and verify W3C-VC
  • Off-chain cryptography: signatures (ecdsa, eddsa, schorr, bbs), zero knowledge proofs (BBS, Coconut), homomorphic BLS381 multisignature

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