Online IDE for Zenroom smart-contracts and micro-services

Online Zencode IDE

Write Zencode smart contracts in a breeze, using:

  • Auto-complete: type a keyword in the editor and pick the best statement from a list
  • Examples: navigate the examples and use them as a base for your smart contract
  • Syntax highlight: let Apiroom suggest if a statement is properly formatted

Apiroom’s front-end embeds Zenroom (trans-compiled in WASM and packed into an npm package) therefore the Zencode smart contracts are executed in the browser as they would be on a different platform or on blockchain.

Microservice rapid prototyping

Along with Zenroom, Apiroom embeds Restroom-mw, an npm package that exposes the Zenroom VM to a REST API. This allows you to write Zencode smart contract, and deploy it on Apiroom as an API. You can later search and edit the APIs you have deployed:

You can also test the APIs using the OpenAPI component built in Apiroom:

Microservice rapid deployment

After prototyping, you can export a group of smart-contracts (turned into APIs) into a Dockerfile or a shell script, that can be deployed on a server to bring the microservice to production

See Apiroom’s user manual for more info or play with Apiroom online

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