Interfacer Project

The project aims to help fab cities to produce everything they consume on the basis of collaboratively developed and globally shared data as commons on the web. It promotes a green, resilient, and digitally-based mode of production and consumption that enables the greatest possible sovereignty, empowerment and participation of citizens all over the world.

Within the Interfacer Project, focused on the core component of this technology stack, the Interfacer Platform (aka Fab City OS Core), an innovative federated solution, tackling the challenges facing open-source hardware projects by mapping out the entire product lifecycle.

Products featured in this project


In the EU / EFRE funded  Interfacer Project, four partners teamed up to develop, test, publish and run the Fab City OS and collaborate on related issues. 

Helmut Schmidt University leads the consortium with a research-driven approach and strong focus on value co-creation, bottom-up economics and open source hardware.

Fab City Hamburg e. V. is the perfect use case and thus partner to develop the user interfaces and create a unique user experience. Foundation has a great track record on building open source software in Europe for decades which greatly benefits the project.

The Hamburg Institute of Value Creation Systematics and Knowledge

Management (HIWW) provides expertise to the consortium in the field of innovation and knowledge management.