Custom blockchain with next-gen smart contracts and cryptography

You need a blockchain with uniquely advanced features such as multi-signature, zero-knowledge proof and quantum-proof cryptography that can interoperate with blockchains and databases, and have smart contracts with superior programmability.

Client needs

The blockchain smart contracts need superior programmability, advanced cryptography and blockchain interoperability, in a multiplatform environment.

Moreover the blockchain needs to be seamlessly plugged into existing solutions and to be rolled out in an energy tokenization platform and in a platform for industrial supply chain management.

Our partner Riddle&Code asked us to support them in embedding Zenroom in their Tendermint based blockchain Planetmint.

Forkbomb process

Project requirements analysis and business 

  • compiling a list of requirements
  • compilation of TOR and planning the time for implementation
  • fully engaged in business and tech ideas.

Implementation and solution development

  • assistance during the integration using Zenroom’s python bindings 
  • developed complex smart contracts based cryptographic flows
  • Implemented data serialization, and proofed data structures along with unit tests
  • trained personnel on smart contracts development

Quality assurance and project management

  • called weekly to determine the level of readiness for launching a project
  • implemented own tests for data integrity and cryptography
  • stress (load) testing and benchmarking

Ongoing support and continuous improvement

  • implemented improvements in Zenroom based on requests and feedback
  • continuous follow up for support, improvements and bug fixing

Forkbomb solution

The Planetmint blockchain has uniquely advanced features, thanks to the Zenroom virtual machine, that can also run off-chain on any hw and sw platform. It has advanced cryptography, including multisignature and zero-knowledge proof are a must

Through the tokenization of both digital and physical assets,  your company can now enable new business models in the financial, mobility,  and energy industries.