Blockchain oracles for DAO signature verification

You need a blockchain oracle with cryptographic capabilities such as Ethereum signature verification, as well as off-chain consensus and interoperability with solidity smart-contract.

Client needs

On-chain DAO signature verification is expensive: each signature verification require a smart-contract execution, which costs gas.

A less expensive verification flow is desirable, in order to allow DAOs of all sizes to properly operate and to scale. Off-chain verification is acceptable, as long as the verification is:

  • triggered by a smart contract
  • employs an off-line consensus
  • indepently auditable
  • cryptographically verifiable
  • operated by services with a resilient identity, on and off chain

The team from Giga Imprint Labs reached out to us, knowing that the unique cryptography enabled blockchain oracle Zenswarm could come to the rescue!

Forkbomb process

Project requirements analysis and business 

  • analyzing the requirements with the partner
  • select the components needed
  • drawing a detailed architecture of the solution
  • planning the implementation
  • fully engaged in business and tech ideas.

Implementation and solution development

  • Implement and improve Zencode statements for Ethereum signatures and encoding
  • Implement generic and targeted interoperability with solidity smart contracts  
  • design oracle cryptographic and data flow
  • Implement and test EVM interoperable protocol
  • test the full off and on chain solution

Quality assurance and project management

  • called weekly to determine the level of readiness for launching a project
  • implemented own tests for data integrity and cryptography
  • stress (load) testing and benchmarking

Ongoing support and continuous improvement

  • implemented improvements in Zenroom based on requests and feedback
  • continuous follow up for support, improvements and bug fixing

Forkbomb solution

The Zenswarm blockchain oracles are equipped with truly unique cryptographic features, thanks to the Zenroom virtual machine, that can also run off-chain on any hw and sw platform. The oracles are:

  • identified using our DID method
  • interact with solidity smart-contract
  • read data from IPFS
  • use SQLite for local storage

The result is a Zenswarm based optimistic roll-up, designed to be deployed in scale, that was presented to different Ethereum conferences and launched successfully.