The DECODE project (2016-2019) is a European initiative aimed at developing tools and platforms that enable citizens to have greater control over their personal data. The project seeks to empower individuals by giving them the ability to decide who can access their data and for what purpose. This is achieved through the use of blockchain technology and advanced cryptographic techniques that ensure the privacy and security of personal data.

The ultimate goal of the DECODE project is to create a more democratic and decentralized digital economy. By giving individuals greater control over their data, the project aims to reduce the power of large corporations and governments that currently dominate the digital landscape. The project also seeks to promote greater transparency and accountability in the use of personal data.

 One of the key contributions of DECODE to cryptography is the development of Zenroom, a lightweight cryptographic library that can be used to build secure and privacy-preserving applications. Zenroom is designed to be easy to use, even for non-experts, and provides a range of cryptographic primitives that can be used to build secure applications.