Components and solutions for cryptography, identity and blockchain interop

We built a unique multiplatform cryptographic stack, we are implementing solutions for identity and blockchain interoperability on top of our stack.

Use Cases

Energy reward computation for smart homes
You need to compute financial rewards reading data from different sources (databases, APIs and MQTT brokers), the computation has to run on servers, mobile, on embedded devices and in the browser and needs to store results on blockchain.
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Blockchain oracles for DAO signature verification
You need a blockchain oracle with cryptographic capabilities such as Ethereum signature verification, as well as off-chain consensus and interoperability with solidity smart-contract.
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Custom blockchain with next-gen smart contracts and cryptography
You need a blockchain with uniquely advanced features such as multi-signature, zero-knowledge proof and quantum-proof cryptography that can interoperate with blockchains and databases, and have smart contracts with superior programmability.
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